3G Versions of Motorola XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition Launched in UK

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    It looks like the "Brits" are pretty fortunate today. Motorola just officially announced their launch of the 3G version of the Xoom 2 and the Xoom 2 Media Edition. Other than the addition of 3G, the specs on these devices are identical to the previous variants, including the 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and Android 3.2/Honeycomb. You can read the full press release at the source link below.

    All of Motorola’s tablets are available at Carphone Warehouse today, both online and in stores. The 10.1-inch Motorola XOOM 2 3G + WiFi, sells or £499.99, and the Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition 3G + WiFi sports an 8.2-inch display and is £399.99.

    Source: XoomForums via Motorola

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