A new generic Flytouch 2 with upgraded 512MB RAM. Same Cases, Internals Swapped...

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News Depot' started by xaueious, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Shanzhaiben posted this as an ad for Haina (Haipad)


    Haipad/Haina is redistributing these with the GPS module as well. Price will be at 900RMB ($140USD), but vendors have been raising prices like crazy on these units when the extra 256MB RAM costs maybe $10USD to include in the original Flytouch 2. It also gets a battery upgrade.

    So we have another case swap.

    Firmware upgrades are a little on the unreliable side for this tablet, but Haina has had pretty good success with their method of firmware distribution via their webpage.

    The editor noted that this tablet currently has Android 2.1, but we have seen Android 2.2 Infotmic builds already.

    Quality is another issue with this device.

    As clockwork recovery may be possible with the newer Android 2.2 builds as reported, this might be a nice tablet to have.

    While I do like the casing of the Flytouch 2, this case swap probably wont be the first. The key will be getting a reliable supplier to purchase from.

    I'll start calling this the Flytouch 2.5

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