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    I have a new Yestel tablet type X7 with android 8.1.0. I really dont have a experience with Android and i woud like to add a second user. For my child. So i can only give access to some applications and not to Paypal or install software or buy stuff in free games..

    I have search the web for hours and always find info for phones or to higher Android versions.
    If i go to the settings and go to Users and accounts, i see "add account" but not "add user"!? How is this possible? Everywhere i see "add user " in explanations and no way to find it here on this tablet..

    Can anyone give me the way to add a user and give limited permissions please. Woud appreciate it.

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    Settings > System > Advanced > Multiple Users.

    From there you can add your child as a second user, which will allow him to set up his home screens as he likes it. However, he will still have access to all your apps. I do believe there are apps in the Play Store that can block his access however.

    Most importantly, setting up a second user does NOT prevent the second user from making purchases from the Play Store on your account. To make it more difficult for him to buy anything you will have to go into the Play Store's settings and enable the "Require authentication for purchases" setting, and change the frequency to "every purchase". Ideally, your device should have a fingerprint scanner to eliminate the need for a password: kids have minds like steel traps and remember such things.

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