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    hi all
    i'm looking to buy tablet online but the problem i dont have credit card and i find this site Ainol Novo - Ainol Novo Android Tablet - Ainol Novo Online Store and i find that they accept westren uion payement method well my question are:
    which is the best ainol tablet?
    does anyone have experience with site?
    thanks in advance
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    First of all, be very careful when dealing with sites such as this. For one, Western Union is a super-sketchy way of paying for something over the internet. If they decide to take your money and not send anything, be aware that you HAVE NO RECOURSE.

    Second, Find one of the tablets that have a lot of threads and posts in this forum. Those are your tablets that have been tested by the community and have been established enough in the buyers market that someone here decided they were worthwhile enough to make a whole section on.

    Third, I would go ahead and get a debit card at a bank. I know that Bank of America will give you a free bank account as young as 16, maybe even younger. You can start the account with $25 and then it works just like a credit card online. That's the safest way.

    Hope that helps.

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