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    hello to all,well i have just ordered a Ainol Novo 7 Aurora 16gb, do i need to root it to put games on or do i put the games on sd card and just run the apk file, and does it install on the novo 7 or do i need to keep it on the sd card,sorry if this a stupid post but its all new to me thanks.
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    NOVO 7
    Install the client the gpk renamed to decompress rar files

    Apk directly extracting the installation copies the packet directory like (usually Android/data directory)

    An original SEGA Saturn engraved version of the USB controller.
    Various types of simulators available, feel invincible, by default only recognizes four-way controller, and other keys need to be set in the simulator handle set map ~
    SHADOWGUN can identify and use, but the lack of analog stick, can not be converted perspective ...
    2 Original XBOX360 wired controller.
    Four connected light is blinking, does not recognize ~
    Transparent blue triangle PS2 handle adapter PS2 original A handle and H handle ~ light ~ ~
    4 C033 USB handle lights can not be used ~ ~
    5 dragon shield the BTC-2166, the lights can not be used ~ ~~

    The engraved version of the Saturn is no vibration
    Other has a vibration ...
    Can not be used to estimate the power supply shortage caused by the ~

    Transparent blue triangle PS2 handle adapter PS2 original A handle and the handle H ~ available
    The model of the adapter Granville Electronics TW-PU801 & ZY-PC801 (with USBHUB function, front USB and GAME switch for ~

    Hope some help for you.

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