Amazon Info Leak: Pre-Orders for Kindle Fire Exceeding 2,000 Units Per Hour

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    Our previous story suggested that the Amazon Android Tablet, the 'Kindle Fire,' will be an impressive and profitable product for Amazon. This new report seems to confirm that. In fact, it also confirms the appropriateness of the tablet's name, as it seems to be "kindling a fire" in consumers' wallets. There was a leak of an internal sales document from Amazon, and it indicates that pre-order sales for the device have exceeded 2,000 units per hour! That equates to over 50,000 per day, and apparently, 250,000 Kindle Fires were purchased within the first 5 days pre-orders were available. At this rate, if it continues, Amazon will need to have at least 2.5 million ready for launch on November 15.

    Here's the real kicker... if these pre-order sales figures hold up, the Kindle Fire is on track to surpass the numbers for the original launch of the iPad. Here's a quote from the article,
    They do point out that this is somewhat of an unfair comparison, because Apple launched the very first tablet, so consumers didn't quite know what they were getting in for. Now, people are aware of tablet computing and its benefits so this will of course skew those numbers higher. Still, it will be an impressive feat nonetheless, because it will match the initial ales numbers of the iPad2. The success of the Kindle Fire seems to be burning like a wildfire for Amazon.

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