Android 4.3 Demonstrated on Nexus 7 Today With Several New Features Detailed

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    Today Google demonstrated Android 4.3 running on their new generation Nexus 7 device. They explored several new features in the newest version of Jelly Bean, and here's a breakdown below,
    • Multi-User with Restricted Profiles - Control access to content at a user level - basically means better and more versatile parental controls and more
    • Bluetooth Smart 4.0 LE - includes lower energy consumption and several new Bluetooth devices connection capabilities including new health sensors and more
    • OpenGL/ES 3.0 - Raises the bar on 3D graphics and visuals
    • New Content Streaming and DRM APIs - this includes a new Netflix app that supports streaming 1080P HD movies on your tablet
    There are more features and tweaks to Android 4.3 that they didn't detail, but we shared in previous leaks. For the most part they downplayed Android 4.3, but focused on all of the new Google Play Store apps and functions. Android 4.3 is pushing out starting today to the OG Nexus 7, the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 4. It will push out to other devices later on depending on release schedules for your specific OEM.

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