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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by jimbo7630, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I have NO idea how I did this but my SuperPad 10" Infotmic is somehow connected with my PC. The tablet cannot download from the Market, BUT if I open the Market on my PC and choose an App then click INSTALL (on my PC) it tells me that it will be installed on my tablet and it DOES install the App to the Tablet so far I have had the Tablet switched on at the same time as the PC but I would really like to know how this has happened. Somehow I must have connected via my Gmail account, but HOW??
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    Yes, to access the Market you login with your gmail account regardless of the device. Once you download an app it is available for use on any device that subsequently connects to the Market. In the case of the pc you are telling Market that you want x app but it recognizes you are on a pc and puts x app into your account under your apps. Then the tablet that is logged into your google account syncs with Market and it sees that x app has been added to your apps.

    The problem with the tablet not seeing the Market directly is a different issue. Clearly it is able to sync the apps chosen on your pc but not able to be recognized in the app store on its own. This is a general issue with the Google Market having faulty device recognition and one which they really need to get ironed out. There are several things that can cause the tablet not to be recognized and a search will lead to various threads for fixing each of the issues.

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    As an aside, the Android Market says that I am using a "China Telecom Infotmic M799ca" tablet, is this a specific or a generic designation?

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