Angry Birds EPIC, Rovio's Turn Based RPG, is Heading to Android & iOS June 12th

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    If you are a fan of the flavor/style elements of the Angry Birds series, then you might perk up at the above teaser video and this news. Previously we shared teasers regarding Rovio's next game in the Angry Birds universe. This time around the game takes the same characters and world, but the gameplay changes completely. Instead of a physics based action-puzzler, Angry Birds EPIC is a turn based RPG.

    Of course, the game still revolves around the feud between the birds and the pigs, but this time it happens in a medieval fantasy world complete with swords and sorcery. For fans of this gaming genre and the Angry Birds theme, this is a welcome and refreshing change up for the series. It looks like game will be hitting Android and iOS devices on June 12th.

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    This sounds like something that I will have to try out. The Missus loves Rovio's games... Perhaps this might be a good RPG for her...

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