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    It’s a first two-panels explorer for Android so that it is optimal UI for large screen smartphone and tablet, even TV.

    Support both ROOT and NON-ROOT users

    - Browse, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, send, zip, unzip over Linux-file entry,
    - Build-in viewer for text, image, video files and text editor, zip viewer, apk viewer
    - Configurable dual panels view for large screen
    - Quick browsing with bookmarks and shortcuts,
    - Smart toolbar that commits the best user experiences,
    - Integrate with AntTek Group Organizer app to manage shortcut
    - Internal viewers for apk, zip, image, text files.
    - Look and feel with different view modes, sort modes, beautiful icon set, multiple selection operation,

    For ROOT users, this tool is more powerful:
    - Browse private partitions (i.e. /data, /system) as regular files on SDCard
    - Delete system/stock apps
    - View system files

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