Benchmark of Pipo M9 Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC

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    About half a month ago, the quad core tablet PCs apply with A31 chip burst out like torrents. The famous processor supplier Rockchip also released its new quad core chip, the RK3188. Fortunately, today we get a real item running with this chip, the Pipo M9.
    As all we know, the RK3188 applies with the latest 28nm processing with the most stable Cortex-A9 quad core architecture. It embedded an enhanced Mali-400MP GPU with quad core processing unit and running frequency of 533MHz. In addition, the new Rockchip RK3188 can be overclocked to max. 1.8GHz. So what is the actual performance of RK3188. Next, let’s do some benchmark on it.
    Compared with Allwinner A31 and Actions ATM7029, the RK3188 uses Cortex-A9 architecture which makes it performs much better than both of them. As the purpose of Cortex-A5 and Cortex-A7 architecture is developed for assistant processor for lower power consumption. The performance of them is worse much than Cortex-A9 base chips. Below, it is a compare table of these three quad core chips.
    ArchitectureQuad core cortex-A9Quad core cortex-A7Quad core cortex-A5
    Frequency (max.)1.8GHz1.5GHz1.2GHz
    Antutu score18000+12000+11000+
    Antutu benchmark
    According to the result, we see the performance of Pipo M9 is very powerful. The RAM scores 3208, we can infer that the data transmission of it is very excellent. The CPU integer/ float point score are also not bad, it proofs RK3188′s powerful calculating ability. 2D/3D graphics score states RK3188 can render more exquisite image.
    Through the Antutu score chart we see M9 surpasses the most popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, even the latest Nexus 4 been beaten by it.
    NenaMark 2
    The Pipo M9 rates 59.6FPS in this test, it is the second quad core tablet that reaches the limit of Nenamark2, the other one is Onda V812.
    Quadrant Advanced
    In the result, M9 runs at 5039, it ranked at the first position. In 3D test, it also reaches 60FPS.
    Single thread result at 60.661
    Multi-thread result at 151.135
    According to the result, M9 works much better in multi-thread processing, it will easily handle multi-task smoothly.
    It includes three aspects, MEM, INT, FP. MEM refers to the performance of CPU bus, Cache and storage. INT refers to integer processing ability. FP reflects the double-precision flops processing speed. The test time is about 10 minutes. All of the three tests perform good.
    Pipo M9 did a better optimization to web browser, the total score rates 1534. The software optimization of M9 really brings the strong hardware into play.
    Benchmark result
    Test appAntutuNenaMark2Quadrant AdvancedLinpack SingleLinpack MultiNbenchVellamo
    Result1810259.6503960.661151.1355.164 6.299
    1534 513
    As the first RK3188 quad core tablet PC, Pipo M9 performs very excellent, it surpasses both A31 and ATM7029 based tablets. It’s definitely the most powerful quad core tablet PC at present.

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