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    Berry Boom! it's simple and colourful game. Your goal is to burst all berries!Berry Boom! it's a simple and colourful game. Your main goal is to remove all berries on the level. How can you do this? It's simple - touch the berry and it shoots out seeds to other berries etc., until the entire level is cleared. Than less touches you use so much points you get.
    Game features:
    • 2 game modes: Puzzle and Arcade
    • 100 levels in Puzzle mode
    • Amount of levels in Arcade mode isn't limited (levels generated for each session)
    • Online highscores by Scoreloop
    • Effect of bursted berries which nothing can be compared - like the famous "film with pimples" ;)

    Download - BerryBoom_v.1.0.2ap.apk

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