Best 10.1-11.6" Windows 7 tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by username7, Apr 3, 2011.

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    I know this is Android forum but don't know better place where to ask. I don't need Android at all for this tablet, only windows 7. I've been searching for few days and these are the top two models that I've found:

    Viewpad 10 (10.1" 1024x600)
    Bmodo 12 (11.6" 1366x768)

    What my requirements are:

    - Resolution for 10.1" models: 1024x600
    - 1GB RAM (2GB preferred)
    - 32GB HDD
    - Batterylife 4 hours or more
    - Under 1Kg
    - Price around 500€

    It seems that there's Viewpad 10Pro coming next month that will have better processor, battery life and new desing, but I'm not feeling like waiting that long.
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    I know that this thread is old but it deserves and answer and it's a shame that no-one has the 'knowledge' or possibly time to do so.

    Viewsonic Viewpad 10: Cheap china oem tablet with 'Viewsonic' slapped on the front along with an extra £200. A very, very poor device. Touch.
    Archos 9: Frail, awfully slow unless you decide to put an SSD in, Windows 7 starter(?) so it doesn't even have the generic touch features. Touch.
    ExoPC/Zoostorm: Don't bother as both models are the same and have various issues. Sure, they look and act ok but there are now better devices. Touch
    HP Slate 500: Quite a nice device let down by a few quality control issues. Touch and N-trig digitizer/stylus
    Fujitsu Q550: A new one that's just been released with quite good battery life and a weak CPU. With tweaks it will be quite a nice machine. Touch and N-Trig etc
    Asus EP121: Possibly the fastest 'tablet' you can buy today (apart from the i7 one). Really, really nice device let down by a weak battery. Ideally this is the cream of the crop. Wacom touch and Stylus.
    MSI Windpad: Waste of space so don't even think about it no matter what the price
    Motion CL9: Same as the Q550 but without the removable battery and really a business tablet. touch and N-trig versions

    I currently own the Acer W500: Really nice machine bogged down by bloatware but after tweaks it will boot in 35 seconds. Good GPU, reasonable dual core and just above average battery life (4h20m constant media playback). Touch.

    Overall, try not to be put off Windows 7 as a Touch based platform as it does just as good as the others when simply surfing the web.

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    Crappy iPad 2
    The Hanvon B10 is a great tablet, I had it from release date till 3 months ago I sadly parted way,Battery life on it was 3hrs normal use, if used battery saving methods you could get another 35/45mins out of it,Build quality was great, comes with Windows 7 Home Prem 32-bit but supports 64-bit,My model was with the celeron CPU but you could get them with the core duo processor,It was my favourite tablet at the time mainly why I blog so much with it,My tx2 went obsolete the day I pick it up....

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