Can Galaxy run .aspx web?

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab that I am trying to be able to run an .aspx web page. Does anyone know if this is possible? It seems to load the page visually but the audio alerts do not sound through the web page and I desperately need for work.

    Any input would be much appreciated. I know quite a bit about computers but not enough about web page coding, etc.

    This is what has concerning the page type aspx:

    Server-generated Web page that may contain VBScript or C# code; often created with Microsoft Visual Web Developer and is designed for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework; scripts within the page are processed on the Web server and the resulting HTML is sent to the user's Web browser.

    ASPX pages are also called ".NET Web forms." They can be identified in a Web browser when the URL in the address field ends in ".aspx". :confused:

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