cell standby on non phone tablet

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    curtis klu
    i know you guys have herd this lots of times but here it goes again. i got a curtis klu with andriod 2.3 os for christmas my battery was dying fast like 100 times faster then my htc wildfire andriod phone i downloaded
    a battery manager it said that 78% of my battery was used by cell standby so i went to settings to networks and i dont have a airplane mode. phone.apk and telephoney.apk are in the system/apps
    ive read threads on people saying delete them with root explorer just root and go ive had a tablet for about a week now i have no idea how to do this **** and from past instrections ive read thay dont make anny sence is there an easy way to get rid of thos files its just a tablet its have no phone function to it at all and never will so i dont want somthing im not gonna use that kills my battery


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