Charcoal Black Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photo Leaked

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    Samsung has always been one for adding a bit of colorful flare to its devices. Be it the Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue; the Note II in Pink; or the Note 10.1 in Garnet Red, Samsung loves to give us choices. Well it appears that the Korean Giant’s newest addition to the family, the recently announced Note 8.0 will be seeing multiple colors as well. As a leaked press shot suggests (below) the tablet will not just come in white but will also be available in a Charcoal Black color.*

    This rumored color addition does appear to add some weight to the idea that Samsung is abandoning its short-lived, influenced-by-nature color scheme. Although that isn’t to say that down the road we’ll see different color options added. We won’t know until for sure until after the Note 8.0 debuts in the second quarter of this year. Stay tuned!

    Source: PhoneArena

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