Charger Problem :(

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    [ background story ]

    I avoided buying the Prime since I've heard a lot of complaints about WiFi connectivity issues.
    However it seems like I still couldn't avoid another problem: charging issues. Twice, and I've had the Transformer for 3 weeks now. Sigh!

    My tablet seems to work fine and the usb cable as well (works when plugged into the PC).

    I did notice that the "head" of the usb cable looked a bit crooked when plugged in my tablet... and a bit flimsy? It wobbles around if pushed gently.
    Also, I tried pushing/spreading the the pin connectors inside the Adaptor and it worked once (yay).
    Unfortunately... the charger isn't working again. Spreading the pins didn't work this time. I now have my Adaptor in my freezer and I hope that'll fix it.

    Charger isn't working.

    Looking for...
    • Your experiences with this issue
    • Fixing success stories
    • How many new chargers have you bought within x period of time.
    • Online or stores where you have gotten a new charger
    • Alternative adaptor; not from Asus

    Thanks for reading!

    -- Update --

    Freezing the adaptor worked.
    Geez... Wonder when my adaptor will break down again.

    If any of you are looking for charger alternatives or DIYs,
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