Cheap, but GOOD, earphones!

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    Hi ALL,

    I'm really not that much into music, but I'm going on a trip soon and will have a 6 hour layover in Gatwick Airport, outside of London. So I want to have as meny options to occupy my time as possible. So I may load up on some music or games but then I realized I may not want to have them play over the speakers so I was thinking about getting some earphones.

    I just ordered the Arkon stand (real nice!) and was looking for something else to buy to put me over the $25 threshold for free shipping from Amazon. So I found these earphones for less than $5.50: Coby CVE92 Isolation Stereo Earphones: Electronics

    My order just came in and I have to say I am amazed at how nice they sound. Of course they are not as good as some of the more expensive earphones, but for the amount of use I need they are perfect. And the amount of bass was also surprising!! As a test I was playing a music video from You Tube and when I plugged in the earphones the amount of bass was quite good. Unplugging the earphones and going back to the speakers and the bass was definitely lacking.

    So anyone needing a cheap but good pair of earphones should look into these!


    P. S. I see a few free music apps in the marketplace. Can anyone recommend one to me. Thanks!

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