Crazy battery dip when turning on/off

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    I've had my Galaxy Tab (not 10) for several months and I've really not had any real problems with it, I absolutely love it. I have been noticing something with my battery, it's been happening to a lesser extent for a while, but I really noticed it this morning. For some background info, I very rarely have it charging past 100%, and I've only let it completely drain maybe once ('let' isn't the best word...I was at work with no charger and trying to squeeze a little more out of it :(), and even then that was months ago, and this problem just started occurring. What happened was when I went to bed last night it was at around 50% battery, and when I turned it on today it's at 16%! I looked at my battery usage and "display" is far and away the highest (78%) with the next being "Wi-fi" and "Cell standby" (10%, 6%), which is pretty much par for the course...but what shocks me is the graph!! It's 1d10h 37s on battery: it starts on a very long plateau where I wasn't using it much...then a slight drop where I was using it solidly for an hour or so, then an idle plateau, then a small drop where I read before bed....then a straight drop of almost half the height when I turned it off, and now it's orange!

    I thought this had been happening for a while, but it's never been this clear or striking...

    The only things I can think of is that the battery is not being gauged correctly or that it's taking WAY too much juice to boot up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D.
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