Dixons UK 10% Off Coupon - Includes the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Advent Vega

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    Dixons UK is having a 10% off sale that includes their Android tablets. The coupon code applies to orders over £299, meaning that you will need fillers if you want to go for the Advent Vega currently at £245. Some timely fillers include the original docking station, the case, and screen protector (which brings your total up to £319 before the coupon code). We'd say that's a good deal.

    You could also preorder the wifi-only Xoom for a total of £450, or the Galaxy Tab for £360 without filler items.

    To qualify, enter the coupon code 'HARDWARE10' at checkout.

    There is an alternate coupon code listed on various deal sites, 'DXPC10', that also is 10% off. This code shows a listed expiry date of March 8th. So perhaps there are a few days to decide.

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