Egreat H5 Android 4.1 Media Stick / Mini PC, Dual core A9 Nufront NS115

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    Egreat just released their first Android Stick, H5. H5 is not only a pure Android Mini PC, but also is a powerful media player with XBMC, native 1080P features.

    Product link:

    Our vendor forum:

    Main Features:

    1. HDMI interface can be an angle of -90 degrees to +90 degrees of rotation, convenience of TV, installation of the projector
    2. Foldable WIFI antenna can be expanded from 0-90 degrees, to ensure a good WIFI signal strength
    3. Low operating temperature, to ensure stable and reliable system 7 × 24 hours running
    4. Support TV USB port to take power, and ease of use
    5. The TV shut down along with the function
    6. Add infrared to receive the support of the extension cord, can not solve the TV plagued receive infrared remote control
    7. Powerful the iPhone, iPad airplay push functionality and Apple user favorite;
    8. DLNA compatible push protocol, Android phone, Android tablet users sharing tool.
    9. Support for the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet as a remote control, smooth manipulation of the user experience.
    10. Support for the Android phone, Android tablet pros and cons screen mirror (Screen Mirror & Smart TV Controller) functionality. (* Expected on March, 2013)
    11 .Support for the iPhone, functions iPad reverse screen image (Smart TV Controller). (* Expected on March, 2013)

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