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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1' started by kostica66, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hello SAMSUNG TAB USers and Cracks,

    On my business trip in China I purchased the latest SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 Model GPT 7510 two weeks ago. It is a chinese version on which I could change the userface to the German/Swiss version. No problem with that. However I cannot register the device at GOOGLE Mail because this function is not available on the chinese Android System Software version since GOOGLE use is quite limited in China. So no ANDROID APS downloads are possible except those alowed by SAMSUNG CHINA which are no good for me.

    Trying to download the Firmware update ADNROID Honeycomb 3.2 for Switzerland or any other country except China (I am Swiss and I do not speek or read chinese). Is not possible either. All other countries are not defined (probably because of China Internet regulations).
    Even if I try to connect my Tab through the PC Samsung software to update it remotely. Only the chinese firmware update is possible.

    I would like to reser my device completely and download a german or Swiss firmware for the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 with the latest ANDROID Honeycomb 3.2 software.
    SAMSUNG Switzerland of course does not want to help.
    I am a skilled Android user but not an It and Android crack. I think the country code must be changed to Switzerland or Germany in the root. Then I should be able to download a complete System Firmware for the German/Swiss version. Is that correct? How do I do this? And what is the country Code Id for Switzerland or Germany in my device?

    Is there another easier way in getting the German/Swiss System Firmware for my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1?

    Help is most apreciated.


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