First view on Ramos W32 x86 Architecture Android 4.0 Tablet PC Intel Z2460 IPS Screen

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    Nowadays, almost all of the Android tablets running with ARM micro chips, such as RK3066, AML8726-MX, Exynos 4212 etc. All of these chips performs very good in Android running environment. They are capable for our daily use of tablets. You may tried running Android OS on PC via a simulator, but have you seen that a tablet uses a PC’s processor? Of course, the Microsoft Surface does. But it running Windows 8 OS. Today, I’ll show you a tablet uses PC processor that running Android – Ramos W32.
    It is definitely an exotica among numerous tablets. After all, x86 based tablets is very rare at present. Next, let’s see how different Ramos W32 is.
    First, let’s see the appearance.
    [​IMG] The front looks no difference with other tablets.
    [​IMG] A built-in 1.3MP camera just above the screen.
    [​IMG] It seems there’s a hidden back cam, actually, it’s just a piece of small mirror.
    [​IMG] As all we know, the x86 based chip requires high power consumption, you may fry an egg on the back while it’s running in full load. So W32 packed with aluminum back shell for better heat radiating.
    [​IMG] It’s a little sad that W32 only quipped with a single speaker.
    [​IMG] Like other tablets, power button, volume +/- button set on the top side.
    [​IMG] Micro USB port under the protective lid.
    [​IMG] Here is the Micro SD card slot.
    According to the pictures shown above, W32 has the same look as other tablets. What exactly it differ from the usual Android tabs. Then, let’s power on it. And have a look at the UI.
    This is the default desktop. Four large widgets lay on the first screen, makes the desktop looks gorgeous. You can directly touch on each widget to control it. A high brightness and contrast IPS screen makes the color displayed very vivid.
    App drawer is the default style of Android 4.0. Most google apps such as Play Store, Gmail, Maps, Google+ is pre-installed.
    From system settings, we can see its model is W32 and OS version is 4.0. Moreover, W32 has built-in bluetooth module.
    We still cannot find out it is a x86 based tablet. What about check this out by some professional tool apps?
    Finally, we see the CPU hardware states the W32 equipped with an Intel Atom Z2460 CPU, running at 1.6GHz. The CPU model is dual-core x86 processor, and it supports SSE3 instructions. Z2640 is Intel’s first CPU applied on mobile devices, embedded a Imagination PowerVR SGX540 GPU, the same GPU that uses in Samsung’s humming bird and Texas Instruments’ OMAP4460 chip. It’s capable to handle most 3D games and HD video playback. And we actually play 720p and 1080p video on W32 and use it browse websites. It performs very smoothly.
    The other day, we will do some specific test on this x86 tablet. Please follow further updates on Ramos W32.

    Want to get the real item? Click on the link below.
    Ramos W32 Tablet PC x86 Intel Atom Z2460
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