Flytouch 8: Where Does the WiFi Antenna Go?

Discussion in 'SuperPAD III And Higher' started by risingfeather1, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Hello people, i need help with my flytouch 8 accident while i was trying to change the batteries ,i cut the wifi antenna and now i can not find where the cable was "ANT" sign or anything on the motherboard that is a "YONESTOPTECH BC1003 3012/06/14 "
    So here are some pics from motherboard ,from both sides , though i m 99,99% sure the antenna was soldered on the side in the pictures 9554 and 9556 and most propable on the uppper left side ....
    Any help,on where to solder the antenna would be much aprecciated !! IMG_9556.JPG IMG_9554.JPG IMG_9554.JPG IMG_9556.JPG IMG_9557.JPG IMG_9553.JPG IMG_9551.JPG

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