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    Hi people, just registered and here to say hello.

    I bought two Android "ePad"s from eBay recently for my children's birthday presents. Here are the items I bought http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200556859585

    When the first one arrived the screen was broken, so rather than stuffing around paying to send it back to the seller I bought a replacement screen, it's currently torn down awaiting the arrival of the screen so I can get it operational again.

    The second one arrived in perfect working order, albeit slow as hell, requiring some tinkering. I'll probably end up learning how to cook a new custom ROM for it to make it do as I want.

    There's really not much I can say about the devices, except the one that's torn down has the number "WMS8105C" printed on the motherboard. So I'm taking this to mean it's a Gome FlyTouch 2, correct me if I'm wrong, please. :)

    I was both shocked and happy to see that the "internal storage" is nothing more than a stripped down 2Gb USB flash drive, wich means It can be upgraded. I was thinking about desoldering it from the motherboard, attaching a female USB port to the board, and creating a panel in the rear of the case to allow me to insert and remove USB flash drives at my leisure, allowing me to upgrade the capacity pretty much whenever I want.

    WiFi works well, I already have the working "ePad" linked to my wireless router, it even works from the room downstairs under my house, so it has a few walls and a floor to work through, yet it seems to work okay.

    I don't plan to add 3G capabilities to it or anything along those lines, as all it needs is WiFi so the kids can download books to read, games to play etc.

    What I do eventually want to do is build a custom ROM for it, so as to eliminate all the japanese crap that's contained within, maybe tweak it a bit for speed and install a decent market app. The one that came with it pales in comparison to that on my Android SuperRAM Froyo OS that I run on my HTC HD2 mobile phone. There's also some other stupid apps that I'd like to remove.

    I can see a lot of potential in this device, so I'm here to share my knowledge and hopefuly gain some more from the gurus out there.

    The Todo List:
    Update to a decent firmware
    Cook my own firmware

    Identifying features:
    Green power LED, red when charging
    Android 1.6
    Generic model
    Silver back panel and button
    Black headphone socket
    Supposedly stereo, but only has one speaker
    Supposedly 256Mb RAM, but only 99mb free after slamming some apps
    2Gb internal storage (USB flash drive, my linux PC reads it fine)

    Not in front of it right now so more to come later when I've got the energy

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