Gome Flytouch with green headphone port and blue LED?

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch' started by dminer, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Flytouch 7" 8505
    I'm not sure if this is actually a Gome Flytouch but it looks identical to the ones in the picture (including the expansion port thingy) except mine has a green headphone port and the LED is blue with the device on.

    So I was looking at some of the cool ROMs available for this device and most say they're for ones with a black headphone port and red/green LED only. Is there something I'm missing about my device? I bought it so long ago now, that I can't access the original Ebay auction to find out more of the specs, but it came in a box just like you can see in this craigslist page:
    7 inches ePad aPad WiFi 2GB Camera Android 2.2 MID Tablet PC

    After some google searching I came across this place. I was looking for an android 2.0-2.1 ROM for this device (when I bought it last Christmas it was advertised to have android 2.0 but had 1.6 on it when I got it but it would have been almost as expensive as I paid for it to ship it back so I just kept it and haven't really used it since)

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