Google and LG are in Negotiations to Potentially Partner on a Nexus-style TV

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    As you can see from the picture above, LG has really stepped up their game on OLED technology. The company that used to be Goldstar has developed into a formidable tech giant over the years and actually comes out with some pretty good products nowadays. They are now pushing hard into the high-end markets and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    Apparently, Google sees this and further sees some potential there. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Google and LG are in talks to potentially partner up on a Nexus-style TV. Basically they are considering developing a Google TV-powered HDTV together in order to compete directly with Apple if Apple does indeed come out with some type of Apple TV. This would also be a boon for Google's fledgling Google TV efforts, as it would provide a Nexus-style Google branded piece of hardware that consumers could identify with, like the Nexus phones for Android.

    In fact, LG just showcased a brand new OLED 55-Inch TV at CES recently that features some Google software powering it. This is something to watch out for!

    On a separate note... it's too bad the girl doesn't come with the TV. ;)

    Source: via BGR and Bloomberg

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