Google Nexus Tablet vs Kindle Fire – The $199 Battle

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    By Guest Posts on July 14th, 2012

    The inevitable has happened. Google has come out with its tablet, running the latest Android, Jelly Bean, which almost looks like it has been specifically designed for the tablet. Google Nexus 7 is an intelligent product from Google. No, we are not talking about the hardware and software intelligence here, which the tablet naturally has lots of, but we’re talking about Google’s strategy.

    Google knows the tablet market is almost an iPad monopoly at the moment. Worldwide, iPad sales are far more than the nearest competitors Samsung and Amazon. So, designing a 9” tablet would be disastrous. It would put the cost too high and there would be very little sales to cover the production. Next option? Go for 7 inches.

    At the time iPad ousted every other gadget to become the largest selling product in tablet market, the second place was Amazon Kindle Fire’s. Not long ago, Samsung ousted Kindle Fire but still, Fire has been a standard when it comes to 7” tablets. Or more specifically, cheaper tablets in the $200 range.

    With the entry of Google Nexus 7, things are set to change.

    You see, Google is not bringing an Amazon Kindle Fire competitor. It is bringing an iPad competitor, with enough features to call it a leading tablet, into direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. So now we have Google Nexus Tablet vs Kindle Fire.


    Amazon Kindle Fire is limited to a lot of stuff. To begin with, it is built on Android but there’s very little on the interface that tells it has an Android backing. Amazon designed the Kindle Fire basically to serve as an easy way for downloading and reading books, watching movies and listening to music from Amazon’s website. That’s it. There ends the spec sheet.

    Google Nexus 7, on the other hand, brings something totally amazing: a full-fledged tablet with ever little feature that you’d come to expect (especially with the iPad in mind).

    Naturally, there’s:

    • a camera
    • a buttery smooth UI with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
    • loads of apps available from Google Play
    • Voice Search and assistant services comparable to Siri
    • Google Now
    • Loads of social networking done correctly
    • and a bunch of other features that are not available on Amazon Kindle Fire.

    Take a look at the specs here:

    Google Nexus 7Amazon Kindle Fire
    ProcessorQuad-core 1.3 GHz A9Dual-core 1GHz A9
    Memory8/16GB, 1GB RAM8GB, 512MB RAM
    Dimension (Thin)10.5 mm11.4mm
    ConnectivityWiFi enabled,
    Android versionAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean)Android 2.3 but it’s unrecognizable due to modifications
    ChipsetNvidia Tegra 3TI OMAP 4430
    GPUUPL GeForcePowerVR SGX540
    Other FeaturesCamera – 1.2 MP, video calling, 720p video recording,
    Google Wallet,
    Google Services,
    Media Features,
    Basically all Android OS features
    Media player,

    Both tablets are priced at $199, and even if Amazon Kindle Fire goes below that mark, it is not going to be a competitor to Google. For the same price of $199, people are going to be able to do everything they do on the Fire, and much much more, if they pick the Nexus 7.

    Our verdict:
    Google Nexus 7 could kill Kindle Fire. That is, if Kindle Fire isn’t already a dead product in the market.

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    I have to agree that the Nexus looks pretty amazing for what you get at the price especially since it also includes GPS and bluetooth. The only thing that seems missing is a higher-resolution rear-facing camera.

    This would appear to me to be heavy competition for the low-cost Chinese clones as well.,

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    Hi just the Quad-core 1.3 GHz A9 of the Nexus 7 killed the Kindle. And i didn't talk about the 1GB RAM and the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset ... Amazon continue to make eBook readers
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    This is kind of silly really, the new Kindle Fire will be out shortly and that will be the competition the Nexus will have to contend with. Not putting down the Nexus, it just comparing apples to oranges (I always wanted to say that, I really need to get a life).

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