Greetings from South Dakota

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    After a friend mentioned she'd rooted her Nook Color, I got the bug. Gave my wife an iPad for Christmas, but it's too big for me to use comfortably. My Droid X is a great phone, but even with a 4.3" screen, my old eyes don't enjoy using it for much more than phone calls, GPS nav, and music.

    The Nook is the perfect size, and rooting it first with Phiremod (yesterday) and Cyanogen (today), was a snap (once I stopped trying to think too hard about what I was doing).

    About me: I'm a retired Air Force officer & human resources manager, married 37 years this week. I'm an equal-opportunity geek: I have two Macs, both of which can and do run Win7. Besides the Nook and Droid X, I have two iPods. I'm also a full-time grandpa (or at least as often as possible).
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