[GUIDE] ADB Explained : Installation & Basic commands

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    What is adb ?
    adb stands for Android Debugging Bridge which comes with Android SDK when we install. It is a development tool which allows you to control and interface with your Android device.

    In layman language, we will be using adb to perform copy, move, install apk operations on Nook Color internal storage.

    Read more about adb from here.

    Installation :
    Thanks to XDA member thecubed who created simple installation package for adb.

    Download Link - Click Here

    1. Download it from above link
    2. Make sure your Nook Color is unplugged.
    3. Right click on downloaded package and run it as Administrator [if required]
    4. Allow the package to extract to C:/ drive
    5. Follow on screen simple instructions

    Source - XDA thread - Link

    Connecting Nook Color
    Just plug your NC, Windows will start searching for drivers, tell it not to search over Windows Update instead search from computer for proper drivers.

    When all drivers are installed, open command prompt [ Start > cmd ] and type :

    adb devices
    If you see your devices serial no., congrats, you're done !

    adb Over WiFi
    I hate cables. I transfer files to my Nook Color SD card over WiFi, then why not adb?

    Simple. adb Wireless App, comes to rescue.

    1. Go to Market, search for adbWireless [Alternative - ADB over WiFi] and install.
    2. Open adbWireless app and tap on that big green button.
    3. Your screen should like below :


    4. Now in your computer, open command prompt and type the address shown in app. Ex :

    adb connect
    Voila ! your NC is connected now.

    Basic Commands :
    Following are the basic commands which we usually use :

    pull - to copy file/dir from Nook Color to computer
    push - to copy file/dir from computer to NC
    delete - delete file/dir from NC
    install – install apps on NC [either on SD Card or internal storage]
    reboot - reboot your NC

    In command prompt, just type adb list of all commands will show up.

    Illustrations :
    Pull :
    The following command, copies the file avi.apk and saves it as file.apk under Android Tools directory.

    adb pull /system/avi.apk file.apk
    Push :
    The following command will copy avi.apk file as fun.apk, from Android tools folder to /system

    adb push avi.apk /system/fun.apk
    Delete :
    The following command removes file avi.apk

    adb shell rm /system/avi.apk
    Install :
    adb can also be used to install apks. Place the downloaded apks in C:/ drive. for eg, I have placed angrybirds.apk in C:/ drive of my computer. To install it, just run the following command.

    adb install angrybirds.apk
    By above command it will install to internal storage. You can also install to SD card by -s switch.

    adb install -s angrybirds.apk
    Illustrative screenshot :


    Reboot :
    The following command will reboot your Nook Color

    adb shell
    Quick tips :
    1. The commands are case sensitive.
    2. Using adb you will be accessing system files, play commands safely or else you might end up making your device unusable.
    3. This guide is written assuming you have not installed Android SDK. If you have already installed SDK, then you have to install Driver Only pack from here
    4. Make sure you have not installed adbWireless app or disable it otherwise.
    5. If you're having trouble connecting it over USB, try the same with WiFi. Also make sure you have no other devices connected.
    6. Knowledge of Unix commands will be quite helpful

    for any further discussions / doubts - http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...db-explained-installation-basic-commands.html
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