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    Chinese Pad
    Hello all :) Can anyone help me identify my android tab, i can not find any spec or information on booklet or packing box

    i try look by Android System Info

    CPU :
    ARM926EJ-S Rev 5 (V5L)
    BogoMIPS = 174.48
    Hardware WMT

    Build Infos :
    Android Version = 1.6
    Release Codename= REL
    API Level = 4
    CPU ABI = Armeabi
    Manufacture = Unknown
    Board = Unknown
    Brand = Generic
    Device = Generic
    Display = Donut.eng.howayhuo.20101029.191557

    Memory :
    Max Ram =102 MB
    Data Max = 618

    on setting about

    Memory Size = 256M
    Model = Generic
    Firmware Android 2.2
    Kernel =
    Build Number = WMT2.1.1

    i upload picture of my apad


    on back has text ( Assembled in china Model A1219 Rated 9V---1.5A Max)
    and logo FCC Wifi CE and Rohs With Black Color

    Please help me identify my apad, i need to re flash the android os because wifi cannot be turn on and bluetooth cannot turn on to and so slow on anything

    sorry about my English thanks
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