Help!! Memory/How to install Android 2.1 or earlier

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    DT-720TV RK2818
    Hello guys!!!!!

    I have one Dotcom pad DT-720TV with Rockchip RK2818 Ram 256MB 4GB Internal storage but when i cracked the LCD and replaced it my system wont boot. only appear DOTCON NEW TECHNOLOGY and the COLORED BALL but the pad is not "stoped" because the keyboard still working... the capslock working and numlock too, when i connect on my PC shows 0.0MB in Flash Memory (internal) and 0.0MB in Externeal Memory but i have 2GB SDCARD (Already tested... still ok).

    well... how i can "unbrick" him? or how to install android eclair or froyo, or he not have repair? thanks for help... its urgent! thanks a lot :) :)

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