Help needed with my MID Android 4.03 Hotspot SSID and password

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by loyd, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Dear threaders,

    I recently purchased off Ebay an MID tablet Android 4.03. It won't connect to my SSID provider (currently BTHub) so I kept trying and trying until I found in settings the Hotspot setting for WIFI. I changed the existing SSID (it was something like ANDROIDAP..?) and the passowrd (10 or 12 numbers with letters) to my SSID and password.
    Now I don t even have a WIFI connection and I didn't write the SSID and password( I know I am an idiot ).

    Any one out there with a similar tablet who could tell me what the SSID and password are?

    Don't even bother suggesting to contact the manufacter, there is no information on the little notice provided.

    Much appreciated,


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