[HELP PLZ] want to root daughter's Difrnce DIT8010 8" tablet

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by LevidX, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Difrnce DIT8010 (8") and Fview (10") and two Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphones
    Hello Everybody!

    The last couple of weeks i have been busy to get the tablet my daughter bought for herself rooted. So far; no luck at all.... So please... all information or tut's are more than welcome.


    I have followed a couple of different guides to get the tablet connected to my computer. And it seems like i accomplisched that (i think)

    - The tablet is recognised by Windows as: CHM805HC
    - I tried to install an ADB-driver, but this didnt went easy....
    -- I installed some stuff from Oracle (java SE Development Kit)
    -- After that i did install Android SDK tools
    -- Some guides say this should bring me the ADB-drivers i need for this tablet.
    -- Unfortunaly this wasn't the case. I also needed to install PDAnet; and this did installed the right ADB-driver.

    - The tablet is now known as an Android Phone and is calles Android Phone Interface.

    - When i installed PDAnet on my Windows 7 PC, it also installed the android app automaticly on the tablet. ---> This proofs that there is a connection between my computer and the tablet.

    And at this moment iam completly stuck... I dont have any idea what i have to do at this stage....

    If there is anyone out there with some kind of answers.... PLEASE... :)

    Regards! Klazi


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