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    Chinese Tablet / T10A / Android 4.0.3
    Hello All,

    The problem is that I am new on this platform so I cant start a new topic so please forgive me that I am posting under this current one as it best fits my own problem too.

    I just ordered for ACER tablet from a Chinese store and after transferring of money, he said his bank removed some charges and sent me a Chinese based model. The one he sent me... All that was written on the pack is MID Android 10" Tablet PC Android 10-inch High Resolution. But I have got issues with it...


    1. The screen is not well calibrated... I think because when it is not plugged to anything, along a line on the screen, I cant type anything, if I need to type a key on that part, I have to move my finger a bit to the left so as to be able to get precision.

    2 Whenever I plug it to power or computer, the screen gets distorted and I think that is because of the current going over it.. but y?

    3. I cant install some other applications from Android Market because it cant detect his model I think? or cos of the ROM... Like Faceboon, Twitter, Instagram amongst others.

    Using Quadrant Advanced, I have the info below;

    SDK Version: 4.0.3
    ID: IML74K
    OS name: Linux
    OS Version: 3.0.8

    Model: T10A
    Product: crane_evb
    Board: crane
    Brand: softwinners
    Fingerprint: softwinners/crane_evb/crane-evb:4.0.3/IML74K/20120331:eng/test-keys

    Name: ARMv7 Processor rev 2(v71)
    Current freq: 1008MHz
    Max freq: 1008Mhz
    Min freq: 60MHz
    Cores: 1
    Architecture: 7
    BogoMIPS: 1001.88
    Hardware: sun4i
    Revision: 2
    Serial #:0000000000000000

    Total: 833844kb
    Free: 381136kb
    Inactive: 227652

    Resolution: 600x976
    Refresh Rate: 58.72Hz

    Vendor: ARM
    Renderer: Mali-400 MP
    Version: OpenGL ES-CM 1.1

    Max texture units: 8
    Max Texture size: 4096
    Max lights: 8

    VBO: Supported
    Frame Buffers: supported
    Cube maps: supported
    Texture combiners: supported
    DOT3 ombiner: supported
    crossbar combiner: unsupported


    Mag & Acc Combo Orientation Sensor.

    That is all...

    So please is there any way I can rectify the screen blind problem (PROBLEM 1)? Any better rom I can use that will work with it better and save memory? How to save company firmware, how to save present rom... download a new firmware and majorly..... HOW TO RECOGNIZE THIS THING!

    Please help is needed.

    Thanks all in advance.

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