help with firmware (app market) imx51_bbg 10 inch tablet (willing to pay)

Discussion in 'Gingerbread' started by benjieboi, Oct 2, 2012.

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    was looking for some help on this device and found a couple of posts on here about it so thought i would sign up to see if anyone could help me
    i purchased 4 of these tablets for the kids and another family member,the tablets do boot up and appear to work fine until accessing the app market/play store. 3 load up and when going to click an app it says process failed and closes to menu screen,1 did load app market,said it needed to upgrade to play store then nothing,wont do anything from the icon at all.

    im wondering if anyone has any help to offer on this? im not the best with technology but im confident enough to follow steps to have a go at flashing/downloading things! afer looking around for tablets that look same this one is a perfect match

    10.1" DAWA D9 APAD G10 A8 ANDROID 2.2 FROYO TABLET PC | eBay

    info taken from tablet

    model number imx51_bbg
    android version 2.3.3
    kernal version #127
    build number imx51_bbg-eng 2.3.3 GRI40 eng.root.20110630.115647 test-keys

    i hope that means something to someone! :)
    any help getting the market working would be greatly appreciated and i'm willing to pay for anyone who can get this going for me! :)
    many thanks in advance!

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