help with RockChip reader anyone?

Discussion in 'Rockchip Based' started by nagash, Aug 26, 2012.

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    rockchip RK2738 SDK
    I bought a RockChip reader RK2738 SDK (version 1.1.1 touch) before a week.
    From the first time using it,since now,it shuts down after 3 minutes (although I didn't select that option) and after that all my data are lost!
    The weird thing is that all settings are lost too,except the date and time..
    I tried to contact the seller,and the only thing he could tell me in english was to format it-which I tried,with no luck several times,unless I do it wrong!

    Can someone tell me what can I do,or if there's a possibility to change firmware to make it work? (and how that can be done?)

    Thanks in advance!

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