How to install the Rooted ROM & MOD Rooted for PDN

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    COBY KYROS 7015 | 7015A

    Rooted ROM and MOD Rooted are a bit different.

    ROM & MOD Installation

    1. Download the ZIP
    2. Copy the ZIP to the ROOT of your SD Card
    3. Power down the device
    4. Connect AC to the device
    5. Hold both Power Trigger and Volume Up buttons at the same time.
    6. Wait for the Pandigital Novel Blue screen to appear then release both buttons
    7. Wait until it completed and the unit should reboot
    8. Device is ready to be used. If you get ! then there was an error repeat 5 thru 7

    Note: [ROM] PD Open Platform based UI (functional beta) for PDN (GE / No GE)
    This one you have to follow the directions in that post to how to install it.
    And what is required to install it. Use at your own risked!

    Buzz or key words

    GE = Google Experience Featured but tad slower tablet experience
    No GE = No Google Experience but faster tablet experience

    Rooted ROM
    Doesn't keep the OEM PDN UI but does have access to prior PDN apps, you can over clock the CPU max and min features with SetCPU.apk, access root of the file directory, use apps that can go deeper into the root and more
    Internal and external storage is swapped. Note: Auto-Rotate is only 270 degree

    MOD Rooted
    Keeps the OEM PDN UI as option, but does have access to all of the PDN functions and apps. Gives you Rooted choice of Home UI and the internal storage and external storage are not swapped out.
    Can over clock the CPU max and min using SetCPU.apk. Access root of the file directory, use apps that can go deeper into the root and more. Note: Auto-Rotate is 360 degree

    No GE
    I've provided a Android collection of Apps, Tools, Games, Wallpaper under Mega PowerTools 2010, PowerTools Plus 2010, PowerElite 2010 and PowerTools 2010 - Pest Controls, 32-bit / 64-bit XP, Vista and 7 USB Drivers for Android.
    All can be found here

    This printed circuit board version 1 as every 5 second pause delay when playing back MP4 (MPEG4) video. It's recommended you use OEM 7_24 & MOD Rooted PDN ROM Experience v1.2 (No GE) to correct this issue.

    This printed circuit board version 2 does not have video issues and can use either one ROM Cruz Reader UI or MOD Rooted,

    Home Screen Replacement

    Best one to use with either Rooted ROM or MOD Rooted would be:

    Launcher Pro | Free
    This gives you extra set of navigation buttons on the bottom or left and right sides when you rotate your Novel / Tablet

    Additional Collection of Home Screen Replacements
    Found Here
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