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Discussion in 'HTC Flyer' started by talatkhatri, Aug 21, 2013.

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    HTC Flyer
    I am using HTC Flyer since 2 years with complete satisfaction. since 1 and a half month I am facing sound issue i.e. sound output from speakers not working. When I connect headphones all sounds like media, notofications, alarms are working. I thought it was hardware issue but suddenly speakers started working. Again after some days I faced same problems. I reset the tablet with factory restore and problem was resolved but again after 2 days sound output gone. One thing I want to share here that during problem sound output from Skype app is working. I mean skype call sound is working in speakers but no other sound coming out from speakers. I reset the tablet many times but problem is still exist. Can anyone suggest what is that problem and give me some resolutions? When the speakers are working in Skype App then I think there isno hardware issue. I have already checked all settings and uninstalled 3rd party applications that may be these Apps are conflicting but my issue is as it is. Please help me to ovetcome this issue.

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