Huawei May Start Developing a New Mobile OS to Rival Android, iOS, Microsoft & Others

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    A new report suggests that the Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, may be looking to start developing its own mobile phone operating system to rival the likes of Android, iOS, Microsoft and others. According to an interview and subsequent article by Reuters, the Chinese manufacturer is still ramping up its production of Android and Windows 8 based smartphones, and plans to aggressively compete in the global smartphone market. However, it is possible that the handset maker will develop its own mobile OS in order to distance itself from the Android ecosystem. This is supposedly because Huawei is uncomfortable with all the legal patent wars raging across the world between Apple and Android. Here's a quote from the article with a few more details,

    It will be interesting to see if Huawei really does try and develop their own Mobile OS. That's a huge and difficult up-hill climb to undertake, especially with all of the other big name and dominant players in the market like Google, Apple and Microsoft. Regardless, competition is good, and we are looking forward to checking out all the different phones from the manufacturer.

    Source: Reuters
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    They could do a smart move (if they really feel the need to get off Android) and adopt OpenWebOS.

    Available now, free of charge, it could be a boost to it if one of the larger players decided to use it.

    WebOS is also way better than Android in the usability, user interface, task management. It just lacked more apps to grow..

    With Apple's legal lust in full swing, we might see more companies considering such a move?

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