Ice Cream Sandwich On 16% Of Android Device

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    As often happens, we provide the data distribution of the various versions of Android on the devices worldwide. It is now established as the Android operating system is the most famous and most used around the world, with its large domain on the world market.
    But today we talk about the specifics of the various Android operating systems that are on the market. The excessive power of Gingerbread fell by 4 percentage points from last month, passing from 64% to 60.6%. Froyo also fell by two percentage points and by 0.5% Eclair. Cala also Honeycomb, perhaps thanks to the update Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy Tab 10.1. This month marks the growth of Ice Cream Sandwich final passing of the period from 10.9% to 15.9% this past month. Nearly 16% of the market is covered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich with devices installed on board. Jelly Beans for now stands at 0.8% a shy, but certainly, the new Android operating system will trim it to its rightful place in the landscape and wide “smart” world. For our part we will continue to keep you updated on statistics and its Android operating system.

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