ICS upgrade for Le Pan II tablets - Delayed again?

Discussion in 'Le Pan Tablets' started by yann2, Feb 28, 2012.

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    From a post at another forum by supahsain comes this info - a reply from Le Pan USA tech support people to a user's inquiry :


    Reply from Le pan regarding ICS upgrade:

    last time they said March now April? Seems BS to me.


    Can't say I am surprised, being an abandoned LP 1 owner. Basically what I can count on is service under warranty, while it lasts.

    What do you think about this? Does it make sense to have such a delay? Will it ever come?

    Rumours are that the new Le Pan III would be out soon, maybe end of April. That should include Android 4 ICS pre-installed.

    Will history repeat itself?
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