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    I wanted to share my story, and warn others about Ainol-Novo's fraudulent practices. if I were you, I would not buy from them. I made that mistake, and now I am out of $400. I placed an order online for their Ainol-Novo Firewire tablet. I also purchased a dongle, which they said I would need for the tablet.

    When the tablet arrived, it was not the one I ordered, AND it was an old one to boot! The box itself was flat, torn and re-taped. I email Ainol-Novo to report it, and asked that they provide me with a return address so that I could ship it back to them. I received a response five days later (they only check messages every 5-7 days), in which they told me to "keep trying to work with it. Please be patient". You could not work with it; you couldn't even turn it on. We exchanged 4 other emails, before they relented and gave me the address.

    I sent the package on it's way. It was supposed to take 3-5 days for the tablet to reach the address in China. Since then, I have been trying to get a response from them, however, they have ignored my emails, completely. I met another customer who was having the same problem, and when she threatened to sue, they said "go ahead; maybe you won't get your refund for six months to a year".

    I am shocked. This is supposed to be a reputable company, and this is how they treat their customers? I paid $277 for the tablet, and $56 for the dongle. I certainly am not rich, and needed my money back. I am slowly filing complaints with the Chinese government, but it does take a long time to get a response. They know this, which gives them the upper hand, so that they can refund your money when they get good and ready.

    Frustrated, I contacted a friend of mine who also manufactures and sells Ainol tablets, and asked him if he would please check into for me (he has offices in the US and China. When he called me back, he said "this is just a couple of guys, who are in India, selling these tablets, without Ainol's permission. They certainly are not licensed."

    WOW! Oh, man, how stupid can I be? Well, he also instructed me to contact my bank and request that they do a charge back on those purchases, and that was how I got my money back. This is so unbelievable! If I were you, and you MUST have one of their tablets, pray that it is not damaged when it arrives. Otherwise, you will not see the hundreds of dollars you've paid to them. Or, you can order genuine Ainol tablets from *****.Their warehouse is located in the states. I wish I had known that!

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