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Discussion in 'Viewsonic gTablet' started by pbrauer, Jun 24, 2011.

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    I have seen a couple of posts here from people that have questions about "grounding out the battery" and similar items after opening their g-Tablets. I have said this a couple of other places and times, but there REALLY should be no need to do this if all you are doing is flashing your ROM, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BRICKED!!!

    I have bricked my tablets so hard it has taken me 3 or 4 days to get them back up and running, but still never opened the tablet to deal with these issues. Software and hardware are two very different things, and need to be treated differently.

    Of course if you have a problem with a broken screen, tablet won't hold a charge, etc...then that is hardware. Then it is time to open the tablet...MAYBE. Before you do, ask yourself this...if your Laptop breaks, do you open it up completely (and I don't mean just opening an access panel to add ROM)? If your car breaks down do you fix it yourself, or call a mechanic? If your cellphone craps out do you open it up or take it to a repair shop.

    I can honestly say that I have had PDAs and Tablets going back to my Apple Newton 110 12 years ago and have NEVER ONCE had to open one up for any reason other than I wanted to see how it worked, and never for software.

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