Install android 4.1 firmware on chinese tablet {need help}

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by alexander.95, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Hi AD

    i have a chinede android 4.0.3 tablet 7"

    there is no brand on the tablet cover or any ware else !

    in the settings the model is : SY-V7

    the tablet is force closing apps and auto rebooting
    it have a lot of problems i tried to factory reset but still the same
    i tried to swap user info "from the recovery mode" but still the same

    i want to install a fresh 4.0.3 firmware or install 4.1
    can any 1 help me with this it will be soooooo appreciated

    btw there is no choice in the setting to update !!
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    Samsung GalaxyTab2
    Here is one way but this is not for you tab but you can try it

    How to Flash
    Below are the steps to do flash an Apad ROM.
    1. Download firmware and unpack.

    2. Copy the folder know as script to your TF card.

    3. Power down the device.

    4. Slot in the TF Card and power on the device.

    5. The screen will start and it show updating the Android OS.

    6. Wait until the process complete. It will ask you to remove the TFcard.

    7. Remove the TF card and the device will power off automatically.

    8. Use your computer to delete the script folder inside the TF card.

    9. Power back the Apad. You are done :).

    Where to obtain the firmware? Please refer to the manufacturer. Pleaseuse the proper firmware, which if a wrong firmware, it might damage yourdevice.

    Try this at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damagethat causing by above step.
    But I can't guarantee it work for all Apad.


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