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    Dec 31, 2010
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    Archos A70H250gb & CRUZ Reader
    I am a retired Computer Systems Analyst with over 40 years experience in IT and continual hobbies in gadgets. I do not do hacks but do read user manuals and try to squeeze the most from my gadgets.
    Couple dancing has been my only hobby since way back when Rock and Roll began around 1954, and I have a huge collection of dance instructional videos that I have been digitizing over the years to work on whatever gadget I am currently using, including early Archos AV480, iPod Video Player, PCs, netbooks, CRUZ Reader, and now Archos A70H internet tablet.
    I have used numerous transcoding software products over the years, and currently just concentrate on using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, which has many output choices and allows me to take video from many input sources including the DVD. It also allows me to create custom profiles when built-in selections do not fit my needs.

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