Irobot , 3g network problem conecction

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    Dear fellow forum:
    I have a tablet PC you buy on Amazon.
    Irobot, MID, APAD 7 "firmware 1.6, android. Evaluate the connection via WiFi and it was good, then wired Ethernet LAN and it worked fine. THE problem or question was to install a USB Movistar Venezuela.

    It is not how. Since the pc usually has a program to install. In case of Android, it happens. In fact, when I give the flash drive icon tells me empty folder., but tested on a PC and it works.
    As I do to connect? He has a 3G icon and there I asked the following:

    Name ----
    Phone numbres ---
    device (huawey e1750)
    APN ----

    I placed the tablet parameters and says he is connecting and the latter is the word off. what is the procedure or tutorial to connect my tablet 3g.
    Help, please
    PS: I bought the e756 huawey modem is they do in Venezuela.

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