Just returned mine to the store ... (squirmy WiFi)

Discussion in 'Sony Tablet S' started by katiecat, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I purchased a Sony Tablet S on 10/9/11. Love the idea of it and all the possibilities it offers around connecting my home devices. It's just not quite consumer-ready.

    • The WiFi connection on the tablet is not robust. In a room where I have several other WiFi devices running (even on a weak-ish signal), this tablet's connectivity was intermittent. I would have great connectivity for about 15 minutes and then the connection would simply stop responding. Unacceptable.
    • If you plug the Tablet into an A/C outlet and use the WiFi, the documentation says you may experience interference. Same with Bluetooth.
    • Additionally, I noticed that there are many services "promised" on the Tablet, but not yet available. This is worrisome given Sony's track record.
    • Another thing: typical Sony proprietary cabling and other "features". Are you old enough to remember the Beta debacle?
    • Finally, the prospect of playing PS1 games on the tablet was almost more than I could resist (Ratchet & Clank anyone?), but there aren't many games available for the environment.
    Last night I exchanged it for an ASUS EEE Slider. Ah. There we go. Muuuuch better.

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