Lenovo Tab 2 A10 connect to TV

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    Hi all
    I'm a newbie, not thick, but cant get into TECHIE talk...I speak plain English...hehehe

    OK, I would like to connect my lenovo tab to the TV...i know it hasnt got a video out connection (didnt realise this when i brought it...never mind)
    I've searched and there's a few Ideas out there, but where I will be going (Philippines) the internet sucks, so chromecast etc or wifi is not good.

    I've just seen a connection from my tablet headphone jack to the TV
    Intergrated VGA & Sound cable 15pin SVGA monitor lead with 3.5mm audio jack speaker
    Will this allow me to connect tablet to TV and play movies etc from tablet to TV?

    I kindly thank anyone who can answer...In English please:p;):D


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