Life-Size Functional Mech Called the Karatas; Touch-Screen and 3G Phone Controllable

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    Okay, so this story isn't directly Android related, but since it is such unbelievably cool tech, we just had to share it with you. (Plus it is both touch-screen and 3G phone related, so we can easily justify it.) A company called Suidobashi Heavy Industry has developed an actual, life-sized and functional Mech! This faux combat robot is called Karatas, and comes with a number of intriguing features to get your "battle" fix, or you can even use it for more mundane tasks.

    This behemoth super-toy uses a number of different control systems with the included custom operating system, called V-SIDO (Bushido). This OS allows for you to control it with either a set of master-slave joysticks, a Kinect interface & internal touch-screen controls, or you can even remotely control it through a 3G connection to your phone. It gets even better. The Karatas features a ride-in cockpit, an auto-lock targeting system, a water-propelled "eco-friendly" Rocket Launcher, and a "smile-controlled" gatling gun that fires 6,000 BBs per minute.

    Even though the device is meant as a giant toy, and is not designed to really hurt anyone, it is still very intimidating. It stands almost 13 feet tall, weighs 4.5 tons, and can travel at a top speed of 10KM per hour. For now, the Karatas is a one-off project, but if it takes off, the company intends to produce more and make them fully customizable. Of course, the price for entry could be considered a bit steep. The base model before any customizations starts at over $1.3 Million dollars... Better start saving those pennies!

    Who wants one?

    Source: TechCrunch and ????? | Suidobashi Heavy Industry
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